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The progression of my attempts to print a stand for my Jetson Nano with camera.

This is my second creation - other than printing a few predesigned models from Thingiverse just to figure out the mechanics of the printer. It's my first attempt at printing something designed in Blender to be measurement-precise.

I'll probably do one more attempt because the quality at the base of the legs is sloppy because of the near-horizontal orientation. I haven't quite figured out how to do that right.

I really like the way the StarLink equipment is packaged. It's truly an ISP in a box - everything is already connected and requires you to just physically place it and plug one power cable in.

Starting the morning off right teaching Dave Ramsay cult members about the difference between "debt" and "debt to available credit ratio" and how FICO scores factor the former negatively and the latter positively, despite what Dave says.

The 6 meter band in Lane County, Oregon is super quiet. If you're nearby, I'm hanging out on 53.035 Mhz (I've caught a few faint signals there in a few days of scanning).

I know I've been playing too much AC Odyssey when I notice a new hog in the neighbor's field where he usually keeps llamas and alpacas and I think, "oh shit, where's my sword."

I uploaded a new banner image and it looks to me like some previously stubborn servers have properly updated my profile now. Do you see my avatar now (I'm posting a screenshot as a comment)?

If you selected nope, please let me know what instance you're using and I'll bug those admins. :) Thanks!

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If you can see this post, do you see my profile picture?

I can remember being ecstatic to see my Zmodem transfer hit 4096 bytes (32 kilobit, although I don't recall referring to it in "bit" terms back then).

Now I'm agonizing over my 3.5MB (25Mb-ish) transfers that are almost 1000x faster. And legitimately so - my 25Mb terrestrial wireless connection sucks by today's standards (but it's the best I can get right now out here in the country).

A new company is at this moment laying fiber in front of my house, though, so things are going to get crazy.

Roughly what I intend Jacob's bookshelves to look like when they're done. I just need to figure out how to cut metal plate (for that overlapping notch in the middle) and how to polish it up. Also, I've found the Tusky Android app to work well for accessing Mastodon if you're an Android user. I don't know what's available for Apple.

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Seeing how far I can push a Raspberry Pi 400, SDRAngel, and LimeSDR Mini. Usably far, at least!

Diet Modifications, Including More Wine and Cheese, May Help Reduce Cognitive Decline - Neuroscience News

A little bummed that NZXT is taking so long to get their fix kits out for their H1 recall. I have this RTX 3080 system sitting here like a brick because I don't want to risk turning it on and shorting out the chips or burning my house down. And my Cyberpunk 2077 preorder coming up in days.

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