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@sean I might have to watch this now. All I can see when I look up pictures of Macy as Gallagher is Quiz Kid Donnie Smith on the streets.

Roughly what I intend Jacob's bookshelves to look like when they're done. I just need to figure out how to cut metal plate (for that overlapping notch in the middle) and how to polish it up.

@Justin Also, I've found the Tusky Android app to work well for accessing Mastodon if you're an Android user. I don't know what's available for Apple.

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@jgoerzen I have a couple of these that I ran as LXC hosts for a while and later used for Android TV. I don't have them doing anything at the moment.

Seeing how far I can push a Raspberry Pi 400, SDRAngel, and LimeSDR Mini. Usably far, at least!

Diet Modifications, Including More Wine and Cheese, May Help Reduce Cognitive Decline - Neuroscience News

@sean I feel that way about logging in to my college's router to access email and newsgroups via telnet in the very first days after they installed their first internet circuit. No ads, no IMs, no notifications.

@piotrek I use it for my self-hosted domain. It may have used the browser to facilitate authentication, but the app itself is not browser dependent (i.e., it doesn't just display the web interface).

I've just started using it and rather like it.

A little bummed that NZXT is taking so long to get their fix kits out for their H1 recall. I have this RTX 3080 system sitting here like a brick because I don't want to risk turning it on and shorting out the chips or burning my house down. And my Cyberpunk 2077 preorder coming up in days.

@matt The underlying technology (built on Haskell for the settlement layer with support for Rust at the client), sustainability (demonstrated movement toward proof-of-stake), support for smart contracts (still nascent, but core to the project), and enthusiasm for integrating ZK-SNARKS (although I haven't seen much talk on that in the last few months).

@matt likewise! ZEC and ADA are the cryptocurrencies I pay the closest attention to - and 90% of my crypto holdings are in shielded ZEC. I also track ETH out of practicality because I use smart contracts.

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