@sean I'd say, fork first, reinvent later. Especially if you're new to the tech, it seems best to learn about what folks have already done to plan a better path forward.

@KC1PYT I'm not sure yet - I just got it compiled and fired it up this morning. So far, the band I'm watching is quiet, but I need a longer antenna to get to the wavelengths it's really designed for. I have a G5RV waiting to be installed eventually.

Getting it set up was minimally tricky because I just updated my Pi to Bullseye and the JS8Call packages aren't built for that yet. I had to compile it manually and reused the hamlib libraries I built for wsjtx yesterday.

Experimenting with JS8Call on my Raspberry Pi 400 and FT991a. Unfortunately, my antenna (a V2000A) can't go very far in to the 6m range and doesn't reach the shortest "official" frequency for the protocol. But I'm hanging out at 52.535MHz in CN84 if there's anyone out there in range.

...and the "read-only" file system bit is a red herring. It just seems to be trying to write to a nested folder that doesn't exist (like maybe 000/148/247/234/123 in this case) and giving up when it doesn't find the folder it expects.

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Question for other Mastodon admins: I migrated my system to a new VM and now sidekiq is having trouble saving media files. It appears that it's trying to save files to the cache folders but isn't bothering to try to create the directory structure to accommodate it:

WARN: Errno::EROFS: Read-only file system @ dir_s_mkdir - /mnt/live/public/system/cache/preview_cards/images/000/148/247

I have to create the folders manually to resolve the error. Has anyone experienced this?

@verretor I keep an eye on the Federated feed because I run my own single-user server and am concerned about some of the stuff that floats around the Fediverse. I want to be sure I'm not storing anything that might carry liability (esp. if the idiots ever succeed in gutting 230).

@verretor fwiw, i have a few personal criteria I use for blocking federation (porn, rage, constant trolling, extremist left or right, authoritarian politics, etc.) Kiwifarms ended up on my block list for something (I don't recall what) that came across my Federated feed.

I may have to reevaluate though if you're happy over there.

Long shot, but does anyone I follow have a copy of the publication EIA-305 Display Storage Tube Nomenclature? The last printing was 1978 and the only place I've found to get a copy costs $78 and is a "Secure PDF," which sounds likely to be unreadable garbage.

Watching Secrets of Sulphur Springs with the kiddo and can't help but see it as a derivation of Dark, simplified and sanitized for the younger set.

No judgement. Great artists steal and all that.

@feoh I use it personally to drive financial transaction progression between several APIs and database updates for a cryptocurrency application. So not necessarily performance intensive, but critical to get right.

Like code I've written in Haskell I have high confidence that once built, it will just keep going. Much more so than the NodeTS and Java applications I replaced with the Rust code.

@feoh I feel like there's more energy toward Rust these days. But my perspective is influenced by my employer (which is all in on wasm).

Personally, I've tried both and could never get in to Go. I'm beginning to really like Rust, though.

If you get a new audio interface like this one, check that your sample rate is correct before bugging your other synth manufacturer about their device being out of tune.

I always assumed a mismatch (48k when it should be 44.1k) would just result in distortion. Apparently it can sound perfectly fine - just out of tune. TIL.

Looking over the FediBlock list. It's troubling how "free speech" (or the non-cute euphemism "freeze peach") is used as the sole justification for a block in many instances.

I'll block an instance in an instant for being hateful or for harassment or for posting terrible stuff. But I'm not going to block someone for saying they support freedom.

@eff I just had gigabit symmetric fiber turned up at my (very rural) house. A local ISP is pushing "fiber to the farm" and it is life-changing. My previous options were terrestrial wireless or (more recently) Starlink.

Fiber is the superior medium for carrying fixed broadband by almost every metric: available bandwidth, SNR, theoretical capacity, real-world throughput, latency, and jitter. Learn more about why Fiber is a superior medium for 21st century broadband eff.org/wp/case-fiber-home-tod

Hooked up with a Mastodon relay. Some interesting new stuff coming in now.

But wow, a lot of just terrible shit, too. It's been a busy morning of blocking federation for trash that I don't need on my server.

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