Really pleased with the new Pop!_OS for Raspberry Pi. I've been using the OS on my personal laptop for years, but have been suffering with Raspbian on my Pi 400 for a while. This is a great, modern upgrade and is much easier to get interesting ham radio stuff compiled on.

If you get a new audio interface like this one, check that your sample rate is correct before bugging your other synth manufacturer about their device being out of tune.

I always assumed a mismatch (48k when it should be 44.1k) would just result in distortion. Apparently it can sound perfectly fine - just out of tune. TIL.

The progression of my attempts to print a stand for my Jetson Nano with camera.

This is my second creation - other than printing a few predesigned models from Thingiverse just to figure out the mechanics of the printer. It's my first attempt at printing something designed in Blender to be measurement-precise.

I'll probably do one more attempt because the quality at the base of the legs is sloppy because of the near-horizontal orientation. I haven't quite figured out how to do that right.

I can remember being ecstatic to see my Zmodem transfer hit 4096 bytes (32 kilobit, although I don't recall referring to it in "bit" terms back then).

Now I'm agonizing over my 3.5MB (25Mb-ish) transfers that are almost 1000x faster. And legitimately so - my 25Mb terrestrial wireless connection sucks by today's standards (but it's the best I can get right now out here in the country).

A new company is at this moment laying fiber in front of my house, though, so things are going to get crazy.

Roughly what I intend Jacob's bookshelves to look like when they're done. I just need to figure out how to cut metal plate (for that overlapping notch in the middle) and how to polish it up.

Seeing how far I can push a Raspberry Pi 400, SDRAngel, and LimeSDR Mini. Usably far, at least!


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