Experimenting with JS8Call on my Raspberry Pi 400 and FT991a. Unfortunately, my antenna (a V2000A) can't go very far in to the 6m range and doesn't reach the shortest "official" frequency for the protocol. But I'm hanging out at 52.535MHz in CN84 if there's anyone out there in range.

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@justin JS8Call is what got me interested in digital modes. I've not (yet) used it.

What do you think of the protocol itself? I keep reading its mostly heartbeats and not a lot of genuine communication traffic. Is that accurate?

@justin Also, how difficult was it to set up JS8Call on your Pi?

@KC1PYT I'm not sure yet - I just got it compiled and fired it up this morning. So far, the band I'm watching is quiet, but I need a longer antenna to get to the wavelengths it's really designed for. I have a G5RV waiting to be installed eventually.

Getting it set up was minimally tricky because I just updated my Pi to Bullseye and the JS8Call packages aren't built for that yet. I had to compile it manually and reused the hamlib libraries I built for wsjtx yesterday.

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