If you can see this post, do you see my profile picture?

If you selected nope, please let me know what instance you're using and I'll bug those admins. :) Thanks!

@Algot hey algot - it looks like your instance has my full profile data (e.g., I can see my picture on your "Following" list). Does that match what you see?

I've noticed that some folks that I followed early - before I had set a profile picture - never get an updated profile. Even after they follow me back.

You were one of the first that I followed, so you're a particularly good test. :)


The image I see in each toot from you matches the image I see in my "following" list.

I don't know what activates the image, but have noticed:

* If I follow a locked account, I need to reload the tab I have for the web client in order to see that the request has been approved...true for the symbol in a notification, too.

* I sometimes see a thin block with three dots at the top of a given column. Doing a reload of the tab sometimes reveals new posts in that column.


It looks like the overall system has some latency/cache issues.

@justin is it currently a mirror selfie with a white phone covering your mouth? if not then my instance is not fetching it but the old one is cached

@carcinopithecus yep, that's the one. I've noticed that on some folks' instances, the default Mastodon picture shows up on my comments rather than my uploaded picture. I'm curious how widespread the federation failures are. Looks like it's working fine with yours.

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