Roughly what I intend Jacob's bookshelves to look like when they're done. I just need to figure out how to cut metal plate (for that overlapping notch in the middle) and how to polish it up.

@Justin Also, I've found the Tusky Android app to work well for accessing Mastodon if you're an Android user. I don't know what's available for Apple.

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Seeing how far I can push a Raspberry Pi 400, SDRAngel, and LimeSDR Mini. Usably far, at least!

Diet Modifications, Including More Wine and Cheese, May Help Reduce Cognitive Decline - Neuroscience News

A little bummed that NZXT is taking so long to get their fix kits out for their H1 recall. I have this RTX 3080 system sitting here like a brick because I don't want to risk turning it on and shorting out the chips or burning my house down. And my Cyberpunk 2077 preorder coming up in days.


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