May 17, 2016

Who are you?

My name is Justin Thomas. I work professionally as an information security team leader and technical architect. You can learn more about my career on LinkedIn.

Why does this blog exist?

I acquired this domain name in a fit of what I then considered to be self-cleverness (around the time when was a thing). It sat unused for a bit until I became interested in Diaspora and set up a pod under the name of I worked with that network for a while and wrote some code to add client-side JavaScript encryption there. I ultimately decided that was a bad idea.

Following the departure of the founding team, I decided to refocus my efforts elsewhere.

Since then, this domain name has just existed in my inventory at my registrar. I recently decided to tackle learning Haskell and to use this location as my medium in that effort.

Ways to Contact Me

In addition to the links below, you can often find me lurking on Freenode as "jdt".