Music Composition

April 18, 2016

Musical Noodling

I came up with this some years back and recorded it a few weeks ago. I'll probably add to it over time.

I recently moved (most of) my media files in to my database. I know that's not a popular choice (for good reasons), but I want to maximize my flexibility in posting images and audio files while minimizing my need to rely on shared storage (so that I can quickly spin servers up in AWS, Azure, LXC or Triton).

A side effect of that change is that the file below (when set to pull from the database) loads in its entirety when this article is accessed. With the file on local storage, Snap is able to load it partially and stream it more efficiently. I'll try to find a way to optimize this while still keeping things database-centric.

For now, I'm going to keep this on local storage for the sake of site performance.